Tuesday, March 15, 2022

“Stellar Fungk” by Slave

 In 1978, Dayton groove masters Slave served up another helping of their dynamic brand of funk with the hot track “Stellar Fungk.” Mark “The Hansolor" Adams anchors the groove with a powerful bass line, and guitarist Danny Webster unleashes some blazing fretboard magic. The track features spectacular horn charts and some smooth synth and keyboard work. And the talkbox parts give the track its galactic-funk interstellar vibe.

“Stellar Fungk” was a single from Slave’s third album The Concept (1978). The song peaked at #14 on the R&B singles chart. The album also performed well on the R&B charts, climbing to #11. The collection was produced by Jeff Dixon and released on Cotillion Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records.

The full band lineup for The Concept was Stephen C. Washington (trumpet, percussion and background vocals), Mark “Drac” Hicks (lead and rhythm guitar, background vocals), Tom “Tiny” Dozier (drums), Danny Webster (lead and rhythm guitar; lead and background vocals), Floyd “The Brother Slide” Miller (trumpet, trombone, percussion, lead and background vocals), Carter Bradley (keyboards), Mark “The Hansolor” Adams (bass, vocals and percussion), Orion "Bimmy" Wilhoite (alto and tenor saxophone), Tom Lockett Jr. (tenor and alto saxophone, keyboards), Steve Arrington (drums, percussion), Starleana Young (vocals). This was Slave’s first album to include Young and Arrington, who would eventually become lead singer of the band.

“Stellar Fungk” was written by Webster, Adams, Hicks, Washington and Arrington.

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