Sunday, March 20, 2022

Review of Alissia Benveniste’s Debut EP Back To The Funkture

Bassist/songwriter/producer Alissia Benveniste released her debut EP Back To The Funkture in 2016. The six-song collection showcases Benveniste’s tremendous bass chops and strong songwriting and production skills. Back To The Funkture is a fitting title because this EP is pure funk from start to finish. The title track is a killer groove that features a fantastic horn arrangement by multiple Grammy-winning trumpeter and arranger Philip Lassiter. He and the funk band Lettuce’s horn section contribute their considerable talents to the track. And Benveniste brings the fire on bass.  

The second track listed on the EP is the irresistible funk groove “On The Go,” which boasts some sweet chicken-scratch guitar licks and super-dope bass work from Benveniste.

A particularly strong cut from the collection is the high-voltage “Take Off.” Benveniste serves up some nasty bass on this funky Prince-flavored jam. The talented bassist thumps and plucks up a storm here. “Take Off” is followed by the equally funky “Get Down.” This wicked funk groove features some incredible horn charts and more superb bass work from Benveniste.

The inspirational gospel-tinged “Holdin’ On” is definitely an EP highlight. The track features a marvelous vocal arrangement and some dazzling horn work. And the soulful organ infuses some church into the groove. 

Benveniste closes out the EP with the delectably funky “Let It Out.” This badass groove is impeccably arranged and performed. The video of the musician's live performance of the song at her alma mater Berklee College of Music currently has over five million views at Youtube.

For reasons unknown, Benveniste later canceled the EP and removed it from all of her online platforms. 

Back To The Funkture full EP

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