Friday, June 13, 2014

Nikka Costa's "Happy in the Morning"

Funk/rock /soul artist Nikka Costa celebrates the joys of great morning sex on this jaunty funk cut. The song boasts an infectious keyboard-driven groove, which showcases Costa’s soulful, sexy vocals. There's some serious Prince flavor permeating this track, but that's not surprising considering the flame-haired funkster has cited His Royal Badness as one of her major influences and sources of inspiration. The track has an upbeat, sunny flow yet is still very funky. Also, the keyboard work here is fantastic, and the song has a really imaginative vocal arrangement. It’s just an all-around great cut. I’m surprised it hasn't gotten more love from funk fans as well as music lovers in general.

“Happy in the Morning” is a track from Costa’s 2005 album Can’tneverdidnothin’, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed stateside debut album Everybody Got Their Something (2001). The song was penned by Costa and her husband Justin Stanley, a noted musician/producer whose production credits include Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow and Jet.  The couple also co-produced all of Can’tneverdidnothin’.

 The album is an impressive collection of funk, rock, soul and pop tracks and a worthy successor to her strong U.S. debut album. And a distinguished line-up of well-known artists make guest appearances on the album, including Lenny Kravitz, Wendy Melvoin, ?uestlove and David Campbell.

The musicians who played on “Happy in the Morning” are as follows: Costa (vocals), Shawn Davis (bass), ?uestlove (drums), Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Clavinet), Justin Stanley (guitar), Stan “Chance” Howard synthesizer (Moog Bass), and Jon Brion synthesizer (Univox Synth).

Costa often performs “Happy in the Morning” in concert and always kills it, bringing massive doses of funk each time.

Raw and hella-funky live performance of "Happy in the Morning" followed by "Pebble to a Pearl"

"Happy in the Morning" at Amazon

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