Saturday, June 28, 2014

“I’m Tired of Good, I’m Trying Bad”- Bootsy Collins, featuring Lady Miss Kier

This funkalicious track brings together the stellar talents of funk legend Bootsy Collins and Deee-Lite diva Lady Miss Kier. The chill, slow-bumpin’ groove is highly addictive and definitely good to your earhole. I recently discovered it on Youtube and have been replaying it ever since. I’m really surprised this track hasn’t gotten more love, because it’s so damn good.  And there is something so likable about these two artists; they each possess a quirky, good-natured charm and an offbeat sense of humor. Those qualities shine through on this track.

Kier delivers a smooth and soulful vocal performance, which is also quite sexy in an understated way. And Bootsy brings his patented droll humor to the track, dropping waggish Bootsy-isms throughout the song ("Ahh, Boot Rappafella here, baby”). And his laid-back vocals add to the track’s chill, relaxed vibe.  The song was co-written by Bootsy, Lady Miss Kier, Martin Bettinghaus and Martin Buttrich. It’s about a woman who’s decided to try being a bad girl on for size, because she’s been burned being the nice, trusting partner in her relationships; she naively thought she could convert a player from his player ways. Plus, being bad sounds like much more fun, and she’ll be the one doing the burning.

The song is from Bootsy’s 2002 album Play with Bootsy: A Tribute to the Funk. The collection contains some quality funk, R&B and hip hop tracks. And it boasts a plethora of distinguished music guests, including George Clinton, Bobby Womack, Chuck D, Macy Gray, Garry Shider, Snoop Dogg, Robbie Shakespeare, Fat Boy Slim, Fred Wesley and of course Lady Miss Kier.  Bootsy teams up again with Kier on the infectious groove “All Star Funk,” which also features Can 7.

And Kier's appearance on this album is not the first time she and Bootsy have worked together. The two have collaborated on a number of occasions, most famously on Deee-Lite's 1990 smash single "Groove Is in the Heart." Bootsy also appeared in the song’s music video, which received heavy rotation on MTV, VH1 and other popular video channels. And Bootsy and other P-Funk veterans—including Bernie Worrell and Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton—toured with Deee-Lite on the group’s World Clique tour (1990-‘91).

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