Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Nappy" by The Brides of Funkenstein

"Nappy" is another stellar track from the Brides of Funkenstein's excellent debut album Funk or Walk (1978). It's amazing how many great tracks are on this album. "Nappy" has a nostalgic 1920s flow to it, sort of like P-Funk meets The Great Gatsby. And the groove is quite infectious, with a terrific horn arrangement by Bernie Worrell and Fred Wesley. Worrell also contributes some great piano parts to the track.

 Brides Dawn Silva and Lynn Mabry deliver another quality vocal performance on this track. Their vocal work here further displays their versatility as singers, showing they could skillfully handle a variety of styles. And their voices complement one another nicely.

"Nappy" was written by George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Garry Shider and Jim Vitti.

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