Saturday, August 25, 2012

Larry Graham & Graham Central Station Set To Release New Album Raise Up

A new album release by music legend and slap-bass innovator Larry Graham has the funk community abuzz. Larry Graham & Graham Central Station's new album, Raise Up, is set to drop on September 25, 2012. It will be the first album that Graham & GCS has released in 14 years. Their last album, GSC 2000, was released on July 21, 1998.

Raise Up consists of 13 tracks, which includes updated versions of three previously released GCS tracks, nine new songs, and a cover of Stevie Wonder's classic "Higher Ground."

Additionally, Raise Up includes contributions from Prince, who's a longtime Graham collaborator and friend. Prince plays drums, keyboards and provides backing vocals on the album's title track. The Purple One is also featured on the song "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" (lead guitar, keyboards, drums and backing vocals) and plays guitar on "Movin'." And songwriter/guitarist/producer Rafael Saadiq makes a guest appearance on the song "One Day," which also includes vocals from Graham's wife Tina.

Graham's new GCS lineup for this album includes guitarist William Rabb; keyboardists David Council and Jimmy McKinney; drummer Brian Braziel; and vocalist Ashling Cole.

I'm really looking forward to this release. It sounds like Graham and company are going to bring a healthy dose of some good 'ol gutbucket funk to this collection.

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