Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bootsy Collins Announces New Album Titled Tha Funk Capital of the World

Funk legend Bootsy Collins recently announced the upcoming release of his new album Tha Funk Capital of the World. The album is set to drop April 26, and it will be the first studio album the iconic bass man has released in nearly five years. According to, Bootsy recorded the album as a way to memorialize some of his musical heroes, including James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and P-Funk guitarist/singer Garry Shider, who passed away last June. Bootsy explained to how he was inspired to record the new album: "In 2008 we went out and did a tribute to James Brown tour many of the JBs together as I could," he said. "That really got me thinking about all these great cats who are no longer around and how people are just forgetting about them, and the music is becoming so watered down now. We're forgetting the ones that really opened the door."

Tha Funk Capital of the World was recorded over the last two and a half years and consists of 16 tracks. The album features a diverse array of guest stars. Some of those joining Bootsy on the album include hip hop heavyweights Ice Cube, Chuck D and Snoop Dogg; Dr. Funkenstein himself George Clinton; Bootsy's late brother guitarist Phelps "Catfish" Collins; banjo phenom Bela Fleck; jazz mavens George Duke and Herbie Hancock; guitar virtuoso Buckethead; actor Samuel L. Jackson; the Rev. Al Sharpton; soul legend Bobby Womack; and Princeton scholar Cornel West.

Bootsy told Billboard that he wanted to mix it up a bit and not make it solely a funk album: "I wanted to add a little rock, a little jazz, a little gospel in there, just come up with this thing where I can break out into a whole new kind of area," he explained. "You still get a whole lot of funk, but at the same time we took a few different approaches."

The P-Funk alum plans to tour behind the album this year and is currently making appearances at the NAMM Show (which runs January 13-16) in Anaheim, California. He is also set to appear at the private Hard Rock Funk Legends show in New York City on Feb. 28.

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