Friday, June 18, 2010

P-Funk Legend Garry "Starchild" Shider dies at age 56

On June 16, P-Funk guitarist/singer Garry Shider passed away after battling lung and brain cancer. He died just a month short of his 57th birthday. Shider first worked with the Funk Mob on the Maggot Brain album (released in 1971) and officially became a member of the band in 1972. Shider brought his versatile guitar-playing skills and great vocal talents to the iconic funk/rock collective and was instrumental in helping the band forge its unique sound. Shider was also a great showman and often donned a huge diaper while performing onstage, which earned him the nickname "Diaperman." His other moniker was "Starchild."

Shider was also a talented songwriter. Some of the songs he co-wrote for P-Funk include "Do That Stuff," "One Nation Under a Groove" and "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples." And he contributed to the writing of George Clinton's influential funk anthem "Atomic Dog." Shider also brought his soulful, gospel-drenched vocals to a number of P-Funk jams, including the classic Funkadelic cut "Cosmic Slop."

With Shider's passing, the world just got a little less funky. Play on brother Starchild and continue funkin' into eternity.

Here's Shider displaying his strong vocal chops and great stage charisma on "Cholly (Funk Gettin Ready to Roll)" from the One Nation Under a Groove LP.

And here's a diaper-clad Shider doing his thing on a live version of "Cosmic Slop."

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