Monday, April 17, 2023

"Cotton Candy" by Nik West

Acclaimed music artist Nik West released her funkalicious new single “Cotton Candy" in late January. This hard-bumpin’ cut displays West’s formidable talents as a musician, vocalist, songwriter and producer. The super-tight groove has a lot of Prince flavor, and West's soulful falsetto-laced vocals evoke The Purple One’s vocal work on classic tracks like “Kiss,” “Head” and “Let’s Work.” West anchors the groove with a funky pile-driving bass line that’s complemented by some sizzling guitar riffs. The song also boasts an irresistible chorus, and West goes full P-Funk mode on the outré bridge. The playfully naughty lyrics use cotton candy as a metaphor for sex.

Just prior to the release of “Cotton Candy,” West played a snippet of the song on her Instagram and Facebook pages and asked her followers to guess which two artists were its sonic inspiration. And a few keen-eared funk fans got the right answer: Prince and George Clinton. She’s had the opportunity to work with both music legends and cites both as major influences on her as an artist.

West is gearing up for a world tour that will kick off in early June. She has concert dates lined up at venues throughout Europe and North America. Visit her website for more tour details.

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