Sunday, March 19, 2023

Nashville Band Mutual Groove Drops Funky New Track "Tough Gets Goin'," Featuring Joel Forlines

Independent funk/rock/retro soul band Mutual Groove recently dropped their new track "Tough Gets Goin’". The talented Nashville quartet displays its impressive musicianship on this funky high-octane groove. The track boasts kinetic guitar riffs, dynamic horns, phat bass and a scorching beat. It's about pushing forward through hard times and not allowing setbacks to discourage you from trying to reach your goals.

"Tough Gets Goin’" is one of the tracks from the band’s latest release “Feature 45: Joel Forlines.” The other song from the digital 45 is the inspirational “Started Livin’". This irresistibly soulful stroll features some sweet sax work and groovin’ bass. The song was inspired by featured vocalist Joel Forlines' story. Upon being released from jail, he felt that he couldn't make any of his dreams happen, but he eventually adopted a more positive outlook. The song is about breaking free from a despairing mindset and being grateful for what you have–to celebrate it in fact.

Forlines–a singer-songwriter and musician–was the the featured vocalist on "Tough Gets Goin’" and "Started Livin’". He served up heaps of gritty soul on both tracks.

Mutual Groove was formed in Nashville, Tennessee. The members are Ryan Swinehart (saxophone), Sam Woods (guitar), David Martin (drums) and Pat Graves (bass). All four members contribute to group vocals. 

The band is steadily building a strong discography, and they're an exciting live act. They have performed at a number of notable festivals and events, including Kaboo Fest (Cayman Islands), Kaboo Fest (Del Mar), Kaboo Fest (Dallas), American Authors, 3OH!3, DogwoodArts Fest, Cha Wa, Waka Flocka, Alana Royale, Three Star Revival and Roots of a Rebellion.

Some of Mutual Groove’s main influences include Funkadelic, Tower of Power, Vulpeck, Bruce Springsteen, The Meters, Steely Dan, Kool & the Gang, Silk Sonic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Band and Herbie Hancock.

Learn more about the band at their official website

Tough Gets Goin'

"Started Livin'"

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