Sunday, January 29, 2023

"The Stomp" by NYC Funk Band Mokaad

“The Stomp” by NYC funk band Mokaad is one of the funkiest tracks I've come across in a while. I heard it for the first time a few days ago while surfing Youtube and was completely blown away. The band ventures into some seriously funky territory on this cut. It’s refreshing to hear this type of raw, uncut funk from a group of talented young musicians. The super-funky track showcases the band’s insane musicianship. The bass work is absolutely filthy, and the horns fire hot blasts of furious funk. The drummer keeps the groove sizzling with some extra nasty beats, and the wicked rhythm guitar licks add some extra flavor to the track.

“The Stomp” is from Mokaad’s EP Booty, released on May 16, 2012. The six-song collection offers some of the baddest and most satisfying funk created by a millennial groove outfit that you'll ever hear. It’s a must-have for hardcore funk fans.

The players on Booty were bandleader Gabriel Garzón-Montano (composer, guitar, horn arrangements, lyricist, piano, rhythm arrangements and vocals); Spencer Murphy (bass, rhythm arrangements); David Frazier Jr. (drums, rhythm arrangements); Kevin Jacobi (alto sax); Davy Levitan (composer, guitar, lyricist and rhythm arrangements); Brandon Lewis (trumpet); Dominic Messana (harmonica, baritone sax); Jon Swift (keyboards) and Zach Koebar (tenor sax). Backing vocals were provided by George Ross, Le’asha Julius and Luna Garzón-Montano.

“The Stomp" was written by Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Spencer Murphy and Davy Levitan. Garzón-Montano produced the track as well as the entire Booty EP. The collection wasn’t released on a label.

Mokaad was formed in 2008 at SUNY Purchase by singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Davy Levitan and other collaborators. The band broke up after a funky five-year run. 

Post-Mokaad, Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s solo career really started to gain some traction when he opened for Lenny Kravitz during the legendary artist’s 2014 European tour. And his career grew even more when Drake sampled his song “6 8” for the track “Jungle” from the double-platinum Grammy-nominated album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015). 

Garzón-Montano has released two full solo albums so far: Jardín (2017) and Agüita (2020). His debut solo collection was the 2014 EP Bishouné: Alma Del Huila. The artist’s eclectic sound encompasses R&B, soul, funk, alternative, urbano, hip hop, electronica, urban reggaeton, post-punk and folk.

In 2021, Garzón-Montano received the Libera Awards as Best Record 2021 for his album Agüita.

Here's another funky cut from the Booty EP: "Pussy Whip"

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