Tuesday, February 15, 2022

“To The Light” by Soul/R&B Artist Nuwamba

“To The Light” is a sumptuous slice of indie-soul by acclaimed artist Nuwamba. The track is beautifully arranged and features a fantastic bass line, which is complemented by a smooth, irresistible beat. It also boasts a lush string/synth arrangement; and the African-inflected percussion work and delicate guitar parts further elevate the groove. And Nuwamba’s exquisite vocals are soothing to the ears and soul. This uplifting track sets a really chill, relaxed vibe.

“To The Light” is about Nuwamba’s personal spiritual growth and journey–and the recognition of the blessings in his life and the pressures of these blessings coming too fast. In an interview with Mundane Magazine, he discussed the song and what he hopes it will accomplish: “I hope this song announces the awakening one has, as self-awareness begins, illuminating the focus required to maintain balance in life; encompassing food and nutrition to physical health and overall wellness. Defining the clarity of light and dark the known and the unknown, obtaining all without fear and knowing they are necessary to experience a virtuous life.”

“To The Light” is a single from Nuwamba’s sophomore album Love Ase (“Ase” in Yoruba translation means “so be it” or “so shall it be”), which was released on August 6, 2021. The album is now available on all digital streaming platforms. 

The Dominican-American singer-songwriter, musician and producer was born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Since the early 2000s, he’s been uplifting music lovers worldwide with his unique and exciting brand of R&B and soul. His eclectic sound melds jazz, funk, R&B, Afrobeat, neo-soul, funk, Latin, indie-soul and hip-hop. 

Nuwamba's gospel-singing parents' love of music was passed on to their young son. After joining the chorus in grade school, he developed a personal bond to music. By the time he was a senior in high school, he was writing songs and performing in multiple groups. At the outset of the millennium, he began traveling between Dallas and Atlanta in hopes of growing his career. He eventually linked up with Atlanta-based entrepreneur William Griggs. The two created a co-venture to release Nuwamba’s debut album Above The Water (2005) on Griggs’ imprint Chocolate Soul. The collection received high marks from music critics, and Nuwamba was named “The Best Hip Hop and R&B Artist of the year 2005”  by Fort Worth Weekly

After Nuwamba was featured on The Michael Baisden Show in 2009-10, his single “Forever” charted in The Billboard Hot 100. This gave a tremendous boost to his music career, and he soon found himself performing alongside renowned artists such as Erykah Badu, Usher, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Raheem DeVaughn, Eric Roberson, UGK, among many others; he was also featured on radio stations in Africa and Brazil. And his videos have been seen worldwide on MTV-Vevo. 

In 2015, Nuwamba and his business partner Uncle Odis Johnson of Cheeky-i Productions–a leader in the indie-soul music movement–created a joint venture called BSCI Music Group (Bornsoulful/Cheekyi). Through this new company, they signed a new distribution deal with Light year/Caroline/Universal to release Nuwamba’s album Love Ase. The album has been receiving much love from fans and music publications and websites.

Nuwamba is all about spreading positivity and self-awareness through his music, hoping to uplift and inspire his listeners. 

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