Monday, June 28, 2021

Music Duo BAD Parties On “Jupiter”

NYC-based music duo BAD (Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman) are back with another offering of their infectious brand of throwback dance pop. Their new single “Jupiter ''effectively captures the feel-good vibe of synth-driven 1980s dance grooves. The duo couldn't have chosen a better time to release this exuberant track; it’s the perfect summer jam—great for grooving to at the beach, bumpin’ in your ride or blasting at the family cookout. And it coincides well with the recent lifting of many of the Covid-19 restrictions. The track is filled with great melodic hooks and exquisite keyboard and synth lines. Hoffman’s production work is topflight as usual, and Brex’s shimmering vocals lift the track to the stratosphere. The song also boasts an indelible sing-along chorus. And Philip Lassiter’s superb horn arrangement further enhances the track’s uplifting tone. 

“Jupiter” is about leaving Earth to party with some fun-loving extraterrestrials at an interplanetary bash. In a recent interview, the duo said the song was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to “escape to another reality.” And they want the song “to help spin us out of this state of retrograde we’ve been living in.”

Singer-songwriter Brex and Hoffman, a producer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist, have been writing and recording music together for a decade now. They formed BAD in 2018, and it was born out of  their mutual love for funk music. Since BAD’s formation, the duo has dropped several stellar tracks, which all contain their distinct and irresistibly funky retro sound. And their song “Refresher” is featured in the new comedy-thriller The Misfits, which stars Pierce Brosnan, Nick Cannon, Jamie Chung and Tim Roth.

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