Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NYC Duo BAD Will Make You “Sweat” With Hot New Single

New York has long been a hotbed for rising musical talent, and one of the most promising new artists to emerge from the Big Apple is the music duo BAD, which is comprised of singer/songwriter Julia Brex and producer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist Jackson Hoffman. The talented pair recently dropped the infectious electro-funk single “Sweat.” This track is an exhilarating throwback to the funky synth-filled dance grooves that DJs bumped at clubs and on the radio back in the 1980s and early ‘90s.  It’s a cheeky, playfully sexy ode to the workout culture and workout songs from that period.

The track features scorching synth blasts, a percolating beat, and super-groovalistic horn lines provided by acclaimed trumpeter/arranger Philip Lassiter and his funk band Philthy. And Brex’s rich, vibrant vocals sound terrific over Hoffman’s crisp production.

Brex and Hoffman, who met in high school, have been writing and recording music together for eight years.  They have focused primarily on pop songwriting and production work for other artists. Their shared passion for funk music resulted in the formation of BAD less than a year ago. They released their debut EP, GOOD, in March. The duo skillfully melded synth-funk and electro-pop on the tracks for the sterling four-song EP.

BAD draws inspiration from retro funk and soul, ‘90s and early 2000s pop and R&B, and contemporary pop and hip-hop. In a recent interview, Brex and Hoffman said that they want BAD to “be what a Prince and Max Martin collaboration could have been.” They added that they want to create music that is “nostalgic yet fresh, throwback yet brand new.”

Here are BAD’s social media links to stay apprised of new releases and any other projects the duo might have in the works: InstagramFacebook and Tumblr.

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