Thursday, March 28, 2019

"You, Bluebird" by Jane Child

The multitalented—and criminally underrated—Canadian artist Jane Child released this incredible track back in 2001. This synthpop gem is bursting with creativity and sonic brilliance. It boasts an indelible melody coupled with a fantastic vocal arrangement. The track also features a powerful, bone-rattling synth bass line that would even make Stevie Wonder proud. “You, Bluebird” has an uplifting tone but with a wistful undercurrent, and Child sings her verses with great passion and longing. 

The poetic lyrics are open to different interpretations. One interpretation could be that the song is about yearning to be as free as a bluebird with the ability to fly far away from all the pain, suffering and madness of the world. Or perhaps this is simply a love song, and the bluebird embodies the feelings of fulfillment, contentment and heady elation that the love of another person can bring—with the bluebird/lover rescuing the song's narrator from a life of loneliness, sadness and hopelessness: "But you make the darkness/All rosy and bright." The bluebird has long been a symbol of happiness, hope and joy, and those are all of the things that true love can instill in someone. 

"You, Bluebird” is a track form Child’s third studio album, Surge, which was released in 2001 on her own label Sugarwave. She wrote, produced and arranged all the tracks on the album and played most of the instruments. It’s a very strong collection of electro-funk, synthpop, industrial, pop and rock. Unfortunately, the album wasn’t promoted properly and didn’t get the love it deserved on the radio, or anywhere else for that matter. It’s actually quite sad that such a gifted and adventurous artist like Child is so slept on. 

Surge was Child’s last album release, and it’s definitely worth checking out for those who love creative well-crafted songs coupled with exemplary musicianship and sterling production.

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