Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Jacksons Perform “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” In Toronto For 1984 Victory Tour

The Jacksons electrified an audience of 35,000 strong with an earth-shaking performance of their dance-floor classic “Shake Your Body (Down To the Ground)” for the finale of a Toronto show on their historic 1984 Victory Tour. Michael Jackson effortlessly commanded the stage with his dazzling footwork and magnetic charisma. His performance was peppered with jaw-dropping spins, explosive kicks and smooth glides across the stage. And he flawlessly executed these moves while delivering a powerful lead vocal performance.

 Big brother Jermaine raised the funk level to the stratosphere with some wicked thumpin’ and pluckin’ on bass; Randy, Jackie, Marlon and Tito lit up the stage with their dynamic showmanship and soulful backing vocals. And in addition to vocals, Tito let loose with some sweet guitar licks. The performance included a funky breakdown section where the Jacksons really cut loose and got raw and dirty. The section has a funny bit where the brothers call out Marlon for his nasty dance moves. MJ would later include the breakdown part in performances of “Shake Your Body” on his record-breaking Bad World Tour (1987 –89).

The Victory Tour was especially significant because it was first time that all six Jackson brothers toured together; and it also marked the last time that Michael Jackson toured with his brothers. At the time of the tour, “Michaelmania” was in full swing. The pop/soul superstar was riding the crest of Thriller’s astronomical success, and everyone in his orbit was swept up in it. His participation in the tour no doubt gave a healthy boost to all of his brothers’ careers, as well as putting a cool $7 million in each in their pockets. (MJ reportedly donated all of his Victory Tour earnings to charity.)

Although MJ was the centerpiece of the tour, all of his brothers had opportunities to shine onstage—and rightly so. They’re all talented in their own right and have all worked extremely hard since they were very young for their success—as well as made tons of sacrifices. MJ was indeed a rare talent, but his brothers also deserve some props and recognition for their impressive accomplishments in the music game.

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