Monday, October 10, 2016

RonKat Spearman Serves Up Some Piping Hot Funk On “Funky Dance Transformer”

RonKat Spearman graced the funk world with this wicked groove back in 2009.  It’s a deliciously funky cut in which the multitalented musician displayed his versatility in the studio. RonKat wrote, produced and arranged the track, as well as played all the instruments.
"Funky Dance Transformer" boasts a powerful beat and an irresistible chorus delivered by the soulful female backup singers. RonKat augments the funk with some cool talkbox work and mechanized vocal effects. 
Additionally, he serves up a scorching guitar solo and a smooth rap performance. The song touches on the power of funk--and by extension the power of music in general--and how it can be used as a weapon to eradicate hate and racism.
This is a groove that any true funk lover can appreciate, and it still sounds just as funky and fresh after many repeated plays.

RonKat is a P-Funk veteran. He toured with George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic as a P-Funk All-Star for 10 years. In 2010, he took a hiatus from touring with the legendary funk outfit to focus all of his energies on his own band, Katdelic, one of the hottest funk acts in the Bay Area.

Visit Katdelic’s website to keep up with all of the band's performance dates and new music releases.

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