Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Do It, Fluid" By The Blackbyrds

The Blackbyrds’ “Do It, Fluid” is a great party jam that had clubs and parties jumpin’ back in the day. The irresistible groove is anchored by David Williams’ funky bass line. And Kevin Toney’s percolating clavinet keeps the groove cookin’. The track has a laid-back, relaxed flow that effectively captures a club atmosphere where everyone’s chillin’ and having a good time—and maybe a bit tipsy. Allan C. Barnes accentuates the groove with a smooth tenor sax solo, and Toney’s lazily sung lead vocal fits well with the track’s relaxed, funky vibe. And the song has a great hook with the catchy chant, “I like to party.” This is definitely my favorite Blackbyrds joint.

“Do It, Fluid” was written by the late jazz legend Donald Byrd, who was the Blackbyrds’ mentor and frequent collaborator and producer. It was a single from The Blackbyrds’ self-titled debut album, which was released in 1974. The song saw some major chart action; it peaked at #23 on the U.S. R&B singles chart, #39 on the dance charts and #69 on the pop singles chart.  It was the first in a string of R&B and pop hits for the talented jazz-funk outfit. Some of their other hits included “Happy Music,” “Walking in Rhythm,” “Soft and Easy,” “Rock Creek Park,” “Party Land” and “Supernatural Feeling.”

Additionally, “Do It, Fluid” was used effectively in a scene from Peter Berg’s twisted black comedy Very Bad Things (1998). And the track has also gotten some love in the hip-hop community. It’s been sampled by several hip-hop artists, including Racionais MC’s (“Mulheres Vulgares”); B-Fats (“How’s Everybody Feelin’?”); I.R.M. Crew (“R U Ready 2 Change The World?”); and DJ Quik and 2nd II None, featuring El DeBarge, AMG and Hi-C  (“Get 2Getha Again”).

The Blackbyrds are still active and continue to bring their potent brand of jazz-funk and soul to appreciative audiences around the world. They’ve been gigging off and on over the years, and the individual members have been involved in slew of various music projects.

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