Monday, July 21, 2014

"Gimme Some More" by the J.B.'s

This ultra-smooth funk groove is by James Brown’s legendary band, the J.B.’s. The track has Brown’s signature funk sound—infectious horn parts, sassy chicken-scratch guitar licks, a bumpin’ backbeat and a phat bass line.  Oh, and let’s not forget the dope bridge, which was also a staple of some of the Godfather’s best cuts: “Owww, take me to the bridge!” And J.B.’s bandleader and musical director Fred Wesley augments the funk with a bodacious trombone solo.

“Gimme Some More” was written by Brown and Charles Bobbit, who was the funk legend’s longtime manager and close friend.  Brown also produced the track, which was released on his label People Records in 1971.  The single peaked at #11 on the U.S. R&B  charts and #67 on the pop charts. It also appeared on the J.B.’s 1972 album Food for Thought, which contained the hits “Pass the Peas" and “Escape-ism.” The lineup of musicians who played on “Gimme Some More” was the following: trombone, vocals (Fred Wesley); drums, vocals (John “Jabo” Starks); guitar, vocals (Hearlon “Cheese” Martin, Robert Coleman); organ, tambourine [overdubbed], vocals (Bobby Byrd); bass, vocals (Fred Thomas); tenor saxophone, vocals (St. Clair Pinckney); and trumpet, vocals (Ike Oakley, Jerone “Jasaan” Melson, Russell Crimes).

Brown always recruited the baddest and funkiest players for his rotating bands, which he began calling the J.B.’s in 1970. And he led the J.B.’s with the iron fist of a hardened drill sergeant to ensure that they were the tightest funk band on the planet, both in the studio and in concert.  Some of the former members of the J.B.’s went on to become funk icons in their own right, including Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley and Bootsy Collins.

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