Friday, May 10, 2013

Singer-Songwriter Banks Impresses With Debut Single "Before I Ever Met You"

"Before I Ever Met You” is a mesmerizing track by Banks, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. The song captured my imagination a few months ago while I was switching stations in my car. I stopped cold when I landed on this track and was hooked. Banks’ sultry voice meshes well with the hauntingly seductive trip-hop groove. This is one of those tracks that creeps into your consciousness and stays with you. And Banks delivers an understated yet powerful vocal performance.

“Before I Ever Met You” was Banks’ debut single released in early February of this year. She dropped her equally impressive second single, “Fall Over,” in March. Banks is a self-taught pianist, vocalist and songwriter, and she cites Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill as influences. She had previously collaborated with UK DJ and producer Lil Silva on the club banger “Work.”  Banks is signed to LA-based independent label IAMSOUND Records. I’m keeping an eye out for this emerging new talent and looking forward to her next release.

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