Friday, July 27, 2012

James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince Show Off Their Best Moves In Funky Dance Off

I've been watching this really dope compilation of three of the baddest performers to ever hit the stage cuttin' loose. The clip is appropriately set to James Brown's funk classic "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine." The video shows James Brown, Prince and Michael Jackson bustin' some of their best moves on stage. One of the cool things about this clip is that it shows what a tremendous influence James had on both MJ and Prince as performers. They both learned a lot from the Godfather, including the ability to completely mesmerize an audience.

It's interesting to watch the three performers distinct styles on stage. All three bring tons of charisma to their live shows, and, of course, incredible dancing. Also, they never disappoint their audiences, always giving it 110 percent for every show. There are very few, if any, current performers who can captivate an audience like MJ, Prince and James. Over the last five years, we lost probably the two greatest performers in music history: James Brown and Michael Jackson. Fortunately, we still have His Royal Badness, who continues to electrify audiences with his high-voltage performances. The video also contains two brief dance segments of legendary entertainers Fred Astaire and Cab Calloway doin' their thing.

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