Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"This Is The Way We Funk With You" by Parliament

"This Is The Way We Funk With You" is a super-dope track by Parliament. It was one of the two new original studio tracks from the epic double album Live: P-Funk Earth Tour, released in 1977. The song starts off with loud snoring courtesy of Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton. It's kind of a bizarre cut but very funky nonetheless. The track has sort of a nursery rhyme feel that belies the ribald lyrics sung by powerhouse P-Funk vocalist Glen Goins.

The extremely suggestive manner in which the the future Brides of Funkenstein (Dawn Silva and Lynn Mabry) sing "funk me" in the background killed any chance of the track receiving radio airplay. And let's not forget that this was seven years before Prince released the equally suggestive "Erotic City," in which Shelia E. sings "We can funk until the dawn." Many swore up and down that the Purple One and Ms. Escovedo snuck in another F word in place of "funk" on some parts of the song. However, unlike Parliament's track,"Erotic City" received serious radio airplay. Look at what a mere seven years can do.

Anyway, back to "This Is The Way We Funk With You." The song really showcases what great vocal talent P-Funk had at its disposal. Goins and the background vocalists really shine on this track. The song was penned by George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Eddie Hazel and Glen Goins. That's quite an impressive group of songwriters. The groove also has a phat thumpin' bass line.

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