Thursday, April 12, 2012

Very Early Music Video Of Funkadelic Performing "Cosmic Slop"

I was checking out this early music video of Funkadelic in all their freaky glory performing their classic track "Cosmic Slop" in 1973. This video is quite a scene. You've got George Clinton in whiteface and sporting what looks to be a half-Mohawk while flicking his tongue like some possessed blue-tongued skink; and there's Fuzzy Haskins rocking a ripped-up, dirty-looking jumpsuit, as well as Garry Shider in his signature Diaper-Man getup. The rest of the band are wearing equally freaky attire.

The video was shot on the streets of New York City, and actually it's not bad, considering the time it was made and no doubt the limited funds available to make it. This video was made about eight years before the MTV video explosion in the early 1980s, and the Funk Mob already saw the possibilities of the medium. It's kind of refreshing to see a low-budget, unscripted video like this, as opposed to the expensive, overproduced spectacles made today where it seems like the music is often secondary.

In this video, Funkadelic exude a really strange aura. I can imagine when this video first aired back in the day, people were probably saying, "Man, those are some crazy, freaky brothers right there!" I like the naturalness of this video. It's simply the band members being their freaky selves...well, perhaps with a bit of chemical assistance, quiet as kept.

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