Sunday, March 18, 2012

Singer-Songwriter Natalie Hawkins' Excellent Cover of Beatles Classic "I Want to Hold Your Hand"

I thought I'd share this great video clip of singer-songwriter Natalie Hawkins performing a beautiful  cover of Beatles smash "I Want to Hold Your Hand." It's one of the best covers I've ever come across on youtube. Hawkins uses the arrangement that was used in the film Across the Universe, and to be honest, I feel that her cover is far superior to the one in the film. I mean, she absolutely kills it. Her heartfelt rendition really underscores the song's gorgeous melody and has a quiet power. Her version expands the meaning of the song. It takes it beyond the puppy-love innocence of the Beatles' original version and turns it into something more substantial, a deeper love.

There are more clips on youtube of the San Francisco-based singer covering popular songs, including Adele's "Someone Like You," "Leave Me Alone" by Michael Jackson and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." There are also a few videos of Hawkins performing her own songs, which are also great. Hawkins is quite a well-rounded artist and performer. She has done musical theater and has appeared in musicals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and played the title role of Belle in a production of Beauty and the Beast.

Hawkins is currently working on an album of original songs that is set to be released sometime this

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