Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ripple's I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky

"I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky" is a groovalicious blast from the past from interracial Michigan soul-funk band Ripple. The band dropped this funk gem back in 1973, and it became a big hit on soul radio stations. The powerful groove has a slight Afro-funk flavor to it, and the "Ola Ola aa!" soul warrior chant is a killer hook. The track also has a tight bass line and some badass horn riffs.

Ripple had several hits during the '70s, but this was their biggest smash and what they're most remembered for. The track rose to number 11 on the US R&B charts and peaked at 67 on the pop charts. The band only released two albums: Ripple (1973) and Sons of the Gods (1977). Ripple had a pretty diverse sound. The band incorporated jazz, funk, pop as well as other genres in their music. Some of Ripple's influences included Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone and Kool & The Gang.

The seven-member band consisted of the following musicians: Keith "Doc" Samuels (guitar, lead vocals); Simon Kenneth Carter (bass, vocals); Brian Sherrer (drums, percussion, timbales); Walter "Wally" Carter (conga, percussion, vocals); Dave Ferguson  (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion); William "Bill" Hull (tenor sax, flute, percussion); and Curtis Reynolds (keyboards, vocals).   

In 2010, Reynolds and Samuels reformed the band, calling it Ripple 2.0. They released the album I Don't Know What It Is But There's More To Come under the new name.

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